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DonDominio SSL Certificates

Encrypt the communications between your site and your visitors in a secure and cheap way with the DonDominio SSL Certificates.

All our certificates are domain validated, so you'll receive your certificate after only a few minutes.

In addition, you will be able to choose between three certificate types, depending on the domains or subdomains you want to encrypt: secure only one domain, secure all subdomains or even others that secure multiple domains and subdomains.

Certificate name Validation Trademark Price/year Security SiteSeal Encrypted Key Warranty Years Refund
DonDominio Domain SSL
Domain DonDominio 4,95 € Single domain Static >256-bit 2048 bits $10.000 1 30 days
DonDominio Multi-Domain SSL
Domain DonDominio 39,95 € Multidomain Static >256-bit 2048 bits $10.000 1 30 days
DonDominio Multi-Domain Wildcard SSL
Domain DonDominio 179,95 € Multidomain / Unlimited subdomains Static >256-bit 2048 bits $10.000 1 30 days
DonDominio WildCard SSL
Domain DonDominio 55,95 € Unlimited subdomains Static >256-bit 2048 bits $10.000 1 30 days

DonDominio offers Online Trust

Thanks to an agreement with Comodo, the biggest SSL Certificate provider in the world, we're able to offer SSL Certificates at a very competitive pricing and with the same warranties that their own branded certificates.

You'll be able to use our certificates in our hosting plans as well as in external hosting providers. Take advantage of it and receive the perfect SSL Certificate for your website.

SiteSeal: Show the security your site has

The Secured Site Seal permits you to show your visitors what type of security your site has, this will increase their trust when making financial transactions or sending sensible information in your site.

Download the DonDominio SiteSeals